Vision Engine




Established in June 2016, Vision Engine is specialized in VR content including VR/panoramic video capture, production, aggregation, distribution, live broadcast and other business. Vision Engine follows the latest technology trends, and is dedicated to breakthroughs

related to R&D of technologies on VR video compression and transmission for radio & television networks,high concurrent streaming

media distribution, multi-screen interaction, holographic, light field capture and display, wearable device and somatosensory interaction,

VR platform software and embedded system, industrial applications and other related derivative services.


- 可量产VR节目的内容制作平台,通过先进内容制作管理系统实现品质标准、制作流程、产能可扩充、制作周期可计算;VR内容云端并行渲



 - VR内容直播:播出标准(安全、质量);VR多机切换;VR转场动效;VR实时字幕&特效包装。


- With massive VR content production platform,though the advanced content management system to achieve quality standardization,

   production process, capacity can be expanded, the production cycle can be calculated/VR content cloud parallel rendering system/digital

   watermarking, digital signature,data encryption for digital rights protection and management.


 - VR live broadcast: Broadcasting level (safe & high quality), VR multi-position switch, VR transition effect, VR real-time CG and VFX.